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Commitments and Values

   •  We are committed to our employees. 
   •  We know that caring employees are our most important asset. 
   •  We will provide an environment in which everyone can learn and improve.
   •  We believe in honest and open communication throughout the company. 
   •  We believe in high trust, teamwork and the benefit of our employee’s thoughts.

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Equal Employment Opportunity

Maid Clean is committed to providing employment opportunities to individuals whose experience and abilities best match job requirements. It is the policy of Maid Clean, in accordance with the provisions of local, state and federal legislation dealing with employment and personnel practices, to insure equal employment opportunity to all qualified persons without regard to race, color, religion, creed, national origin, sex, ancestry, age, sexual preference, marital status, disability or any other protected characteristic. It is the interest and desire of Maid Clean that equal opportunity is provided in employment, compensation, promotions, benefits, and all other privileges, terms and conditions of employment.

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must be:
   •  Willing to work Hard
   •  Honest 
   •  Dependable
   •  Reliable
   •  Available Monday thru Friday between 8 and 3
   •  18 years old or older
   •  Able to pass: a through background test and a drug and alcohol test
   •  In good health
   •  Able to work in a team concept and follow the direction of the team leader.

Must Have:
   •  A great attitude 
   •  Your own dependable auto, you must take your share of driving responsibilities and you are reimbursed for your mileage

Job description

MAID CLEAN is a professional home cleaning company that custom cleans each home.

The homes are first visited and inspected (previewed) by the company to determine what is to be cleaned and the price per visit. All information and instructions are included on a work order located in the workbook that is taken to the job site.

Each home is cleaned by two or three people who work as a team. One person is the team leader and is responsible for making sure the home is properly cleaned. The team leader is also responsible to see that the work order is followed and all equipment is accounted for.

One person is “wet” and is responsible for the bathrooms, kitchen and entry-way floor. One person is “dry” and is responsible for the dusting, vacuuming, etc. in the rest of the house.

In most cases you will be trained for a five day period. You are paid for training. Two days are spent on the “wet work” and two days are spent on the “dry work”. The fifth day is like a normal work day, you may do wet work in one home and dry in the next.

An in-depth home cleaning is performed to prepare the home for a maintenance cleaning that is done every one, two, three or even four weeks.

Your responsibility is to do a quality job, all employees are paid upon the satisfactory completion of each job.


Maid Clean strives to have excellent people who will provide the highest quality services. Benefit and privilege packages are developed with total goal in mind. Employees are paid on a competitive pay scale, the rate is determined by your status; team mate, team leader, trainer or supervisor. You are paid weekly.


Getting Started-Paid Training Program

Maid Clean presents a New Hire Training Orientation. This program introduces products and services of the company and employee handbook provides a discussion of personnel policies, procedures, and the employee benefits package.

Orientation will typically consist of a combination of video-training, written materials including summaries of rules and proceedures, on-the-job training and a continual review of performance which will last for approximately one week, at the discretion of management.

Performance Reviews-Your opportunity for advancement

Maid Clean believes in regular and ongoing feedback regarding job performance. Newly hired employees will be expected to receive a performance review daily after their hire date. All employees may also be subject to rigorous review on performance and attention to detail. To maintain our exceptional service consistency and high standards, employees should receive ongoing feedback and coaching from their supervisors.

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